Udaariyaan 20th May 2022 Written Update: Did Tanya Blow Her Cover? Jasmine Changed Appearance


Udaariyaan 20th May 2022 Written Update: Did Tanya Blow Her Cover? Jasmine Changed Appearance


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

In today's episode, Jasmine talks to Amrik's photo and says that she won’t cry anymore and will have a new beginning.

Later, the family questions Jasmine's attire which is not suitable for a widow.

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Jasmine tells them that she'll start a new life as Jasmine Sandhu as the Virk family isn't accepting her as Amrik's widow.

Furthermore, Jasmine states that Amrik was a martyr who lost his life while saving Tejo.

In the meantime, Tanya asks Fateh to drop her at Tejo's house.

Before leaving, Gurpreet thanks Tejo for staying with them and says that she had promised to Goddess that she'll get Tejo and Fateh married as soon as they return.

Hearing this, Tanya and Fateh leave each other's hands abruptly and say that they'll think about this after getting out of the sorrow of Amrik's death.

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Jasmine Enjoys Her New Life

Later, Fateh drops Tanya at Tejo's house, however, Tanya refuses to go in alone.

Meanwhile, Jasmine enjoys her time having street food and getting a spa with Sweety.

However, Sweety gets worried to see Jasmine's behaviour.

Jasmine tells Sweety that she is not going to ruin her life in the grief of Amrik's death and rushes home after getting Fateh's call.

Meanwhile, Tejo's Mami sees Tanya and hugs her with joy.

However, Tanya doesn't recognise her which makes the situation worse as she addresses her as Aunty Ji while Tejo never did so.

Episode Ends!

Tanya's Suspicious Behaviour

In the upcoming episode, when Tanya called Mami as Aunty Ji, Rupy and Satti were standing there.

They get surprised to see the difference in Tejo's behaviour.

Fateh tries his best to save Tejo (Tanya) from the difficult situation.

Meanwhile, Jasmine wants to be with Tejo but her face tells a different story.

Is Jasmine planning to reunite with Fateh since both of them are single at the moment?

What will Jasmine do to get Fateh in the presence of Tanya who is pretending to be Tejo for everyone?

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