Udaariyaan 19th May 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Gets Blamed For Amrik's Death


Udaariyaan 19th May 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Gets Blamed For Amrik's Death


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

In today's episode, everyone gets shocked when Rupy refuses to believe that Tejo is alive and standing in front of him.

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Rupy says that his dear daughter would have never stayed away from her family and let them be in pain with the grief of losing her.

Afterwards, Fateh signals Tanya and she hugs Rupy.

Everyone feels delighted to see Tejo alive while Jasmine gets irked at being ignored.

Just then, Gurpreet notices Amrik's absence and goes to the door calling out for him while Khushbeer says that he won't scold Amrik.

Seeing this, Fateh breaks down in tears and hugs Gurpreet. 

Fateh tells Gurpreet that Amrik is no more. Hearing this, Gurpreet slaps Fateh for talking nonsense.

Afterwards, Gurpreet faints due to shock while Khushbeer sits frozen on the couch.

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Jasmine Gets Blamed For Amrik's Death

After the doctor's visit, Gurpreet asks Fateh what happened with Amrik.

Fateh narrates the entire story that happened in London, how Angad once again tried to kill Tejo but this time Amrik lost his life to save her.

Hearing this, everybody gets stunned while Tejo tries to console Gurpreet.

Gurpreet feels enraged and blames Jasmine for taking Amrik to London.

Dispute Between Fateh And Tanya

Later, Gurpreet requests Sandhus to let Tejo stay with them for the night.

During the pooja for Amrik, Fateh scolds Tanya when she fails to prepare the puja plate as per Biji's request.

However, Tanya rebukes Fateh and reminds him that she is not Tejo.

Hearing this, Fateh gets furious and reminds Tanya that he has lost his brother because of her and tells her not to expect any kind of generosity from him.

Episode Ends!

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