Udaariyaan 11th May 2022 Written Update: Angad Drugs Tejo


Udaariyaan 11th May 2022 Written Update: Angad Drugs Tejo


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

In today's episode, Angad accompanies Tejo to her house.

Angad keeps a close eye on Tejo, as he feels suspicious of her abruptly changed behaviour.

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Even though Tejo knows that Angad wants to kill her, she is restricted from escaping.

Tejo regrets not believing in Fateh's words and realizes that he has always loved her.

Later, Angad gives a few tablets to Tejo, in the name of medicine.

Tejo tries to avoid taking them however, Angad compels her to eat them.

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Angad Drugs Tejo

Furthermore, Angad gives a glass of water to Tejo to make sure she takes the medicine.

As soon as Tejo takes the medicine, she faints and falls into the bed.

Angad drugs Tejo in order to execute his plan successfully.

Then, Angad says that he is fed up with chasing after her and now he will end her story forever.

Episode Ends!

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