TMKOC Written Update: Bagha's Surprise Turn Into Shock For Jethalal


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma Written Update: Bagha's Surprise Turn Into Shock For Jethalal


As we have seen so far, Bhide wants to sell his lemon at half the price due to the fear of thieves and the police.

However, nobody wants to purchase the lemons from him.

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Finally, Bhide calls Bagha and explains the entire situation.

Bagha agrees to take the lemons from Bhide. Bagha thinks that he will purchase the lemons at half the price and will sell them at the market price making a huge profit.

Bagha decides to surprise Jethalal with this amazing profit-making deal.

Later, Bagha brings the sacks full of lemons to the godown and informs Jethalal that he bought lemons at a cheaper price from Bhide and will sell them outside Jethalal's shop.

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Hearing this, Jethalal gets shocked and fumes in anger at Bagha's stupid as well as extremely dangerous plan.

It will be really interesting to see what problems Jethalal will have to face because of Bagha's decision.

Will Jethalal be able to sell all the lemons or will get robbed by the thieves or worst will get arrested for hoarding the lemons?

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