Imlie 30th May 2022 Written Update: Imlie written update today


Imlie 30th May 2022 Written Update: Imlie written update today


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Imlie are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the beginning of today's Imlie 30th May 2022 episode, Aryan holds Imlie's hand and tells her that they will be together forever.

Just then, Jyoti comes there to invite them for lunch, while Aryan tells Imlie to have lunch first as he will be back after completing some work.

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Jyoti Plans To Make Imlie Infertile

Meanwhile, Jyoti pretends to be worried about Imlie and gives her medicine saying that they are supplements for her health and also asks her to take one every day after lunch.

However, in reality, these are the pills that will make Imlie infertile forever.

Elsewhere, Neela and Gudiya provoke Narmada against Imlie by saying that now Imlie will take over the business as she no longer has to take care of a baby.

Further, they tell Narmada that Imlie has brainwashed Aryan against them as well.

Just then, Jyoti comes there and tells Narmada that she has given Imlie medicine which is recommended by a US doctor that will make her fertile and soon she will get pregnant.

Hearing this, Narmada feels relieved and tells Jyoti that she cares for the family more than Imlie.

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Later, Neela and Gudiya get irritated and ask Jyoti why she always spoils their efforts. 

Jyoti explains to them that she is first trying to win everyone's trust and then she will take advantage of it.

Jyoti hopes that Imlie will take that medicine and after that, she will really become infertile.

Aryan Decides To Adopt A Child

Meanwhile, Imlie is about to take the medicine but suddenly Aryan shows her a card which causes the medicine to fall to the ground.

Aryan tells Imlie that they decided not to talk about kids but he feels they can adopt a child from the orphanage as those kids need caring parents.

However, Imlie says that she doesn't know if she will be able to take the responsibility for a child and also refuses to decide anything without discussing it with Arpita and Narmada.

The next day, Aryan and Imlie visit the orphanage to take the orphanage under Arvind's foundation.

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The caretaker takes them to meet the children but the children there get scared seeing them.

Imlie decides to befriend them by telling them a funny story and after a while, the children ask her to play and dance with them.

Afterwards, Aryan asks the caretaker to prepare the papers for the foundation work.

Meanwhile, Jyoti learns that Imlie did not take the medicine after seeing it lying on the floor.

Jyoti instigates Narmada against Imlie saying that she has not taken the medicine while Narmada says that Imlie doesn't care at all about the happiness of her family.

Just then, Jyoti notices the adoption card and tells Narmada that Imlie wants to adopt a child from an orphanage.

Hearing this, Narmada gets shocked and resolves to stop Imlie.

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Narmada Asks Aryan To Divorce Imlie

Later, Narmada goes to the orphanage with some girls. She reprimands Imlie while accusing her of instigating Aryan to adopt the child from the orphanage.

Further, Narmada does not let Imlie speak and calls her selfish, she also declares that only Aryan's biological child will become the heir of the family.

Narmada asks Aryan to divorce Imlie and to choose one of the girls to marry who can give him a child.

Aryan shouts at Narmada in despair and reveals that the idea of adopting the child was his but Imlie wanted to take Narmada's permission.

Afterwards, Aryan tells Imlie that they cannot adopt a child as he/she will not get a loving family from them. Hearing this, Imlie emotionally hugs Aryan.

Meanwhile, Jyoti thinks that the more she tries to distance Aryan and Imlie, the closer they become to each other.

Imlie's Frustration

At night, Imlie calls Meethi but fails to inform her about the current situation.

As soon as Imlie disconnects the call, Jyoti comes there and tells her to share her pain with her.

Imlie shares that she feels frustrated for taking away the joy of fatherhood from Aryan.

Jyoti consoles her and gives her the supplement again and asks her to take it.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Is Pregnant

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie faints while performing the Savitri puja.

Arpita and Narmada get worried about Imlie while a woman offers to check her.

The woman informs them that Imlie is pregnant.

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