Anupama 17th May 2022 Written Update: Maan's Grand Wedding Begins


Anupama 17th May 2022 Written Update: Maan's Grand Wedding Begins


The upcoming episode of StarPlus popular show Anupama is going to be an emotional roller coaster.

In today's episode, Bapuji tells Baa to give her blessings to Anupama or else she will be miserable her whole life.

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The next day, Malvika informs Anuj that the final hearing for their parents' dream house is announced and she has to leave immediately for the US.

However, Anuj tells Malvika that he won't get married without her presence.

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Malvika Leaves For The USA

Malvika tries to stop Anuj from cancelling/postponing the wedding by making him realize that many things are at stake if the wedding is cancelled.

Finally, Malvika manages to convince Anuj and bids everybody goodbye while hiding her tears.

Meanwhile, Anupama spends quality time with Toshu, Samar, Pakhi and Kinjal before her wedding.

Anupama tells her children that she will always make time to meet and talk to them even after the wedding and requests them to understand her situation if she ever fails to do so.

Hearing this, the children get emotional and hug Anupama who feels delighted to have them as her children.

Episode Ends!

Maan's Grand Wedding Ceremony

In the upcoming episode, we will see Anuj and Anupama get ready for their wedding.

Meanwhile, Kavya reminds Vanraj that Anupama saved him from going to jail as well as helped them to get married, so now they should repay her debt.

Anuj comes with baraat while dancing.

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