Anupama 12th May 2022 Written Update - Shah family bowed before Bapuji's stubbornness


Anupama 12th May 2022 Written Update - Shah family bowed before Bapuji's stubbornness; Anuj - Anupama will Finally Get Married


In today's episode of Anupama, everyone is worried about Bapuji's health.

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Anupama gets emotional and isolates herself, thinking she is responsible for Bapuji's condition but then Anuj comes and supports Anupama.

Anuj says that it's our fault and together we will take care of Bapuji.

Then Samar calls Anupama and both Anuj-Anupama goes running to see Bapuji.

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No Wedding For Maan

Anupama insists that she will not marry until Bapuji is treated and Anuj also agrees with her.

But Bapuji clearly tells everyone that if he is forced to go to the hospital before marriage, he will not come back alive.

Everyone starts crying after hearing his words.

Everyone bows before Bapuji's stubbornness but on one condition that he will take care of himself.

Episode Ends!

Vanraj comments on Anupama

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, Anuj and Anupama see each other's names in the mirror and get happy.

Vanraj does not allow Anupama to take care of Bapuji's medicine and says that by touching the nectar you will turn it into poison.

All the children together convince Vanraj and Baa to attend the wedding.

Will Bapuji be able to see Anuj-Anupama's wedding?

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