Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th April 2022 Written Update: Finally Dev Gets Suspended For His Actions


Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th April 2022 Written Update: Finally Dev Gets Suspended For His Actions


The upcoming episodes of the StarPlus popular show Yeh Hai Chahatein are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

In today's episode, the principal announces the school's annual function. 

Alia suggests to Saaransh that he can play the guitar while she will dance at the function.

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After Alia leaves, Saaransh tells Ruhi to do something otherwise Alia will find out that they lied to her about him playing guitar.

In the meantime, Preesha visits Rudra in the music room and asks him to teach her singing. But he tells her to learn guitar instead and teaches her to play guitar.

On the other hand, Ruhi tells Saaransh to pretend that he injured his fingers by bandaging them. Both of them tell Alia that now he can't play guitar due to the injury.

However, Alia catches their lie and informs them that she knew everything from the beginning.

Later, Alia suggests to Saaransh that she will play guitar while he will dance at the annual function.

Dev and his friend overhear their conversation and decide to do something.

In the car, Preesha and Rudra try to be romantic with each other when a police officer interrupts them.

The police try to take them to the police station but suddenly Revati comes and tells the police that they are both married.

After Preesha and Rudra leave, Revati enters the Delhi Police Car and signals to start the car.

In the lab, Saaransh gets seriously injured when suddenly the chemical beaker blasts. He is immediately taken to Preesha for treatment.

Preesha and Rudra get worried seeing Saaransh's condition. On seeing this, Dev gets happy.

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Dev Finds Out About Saransh And Alia's Friendship

Alia comes to know about Saaransh's accident and goes to check on him.

Later, she informs everyone present there that she heard Dev and Vicky's conversation about changing the beaker.

Alia tells them that Dev is her brother and he is against Saaransh and her friendship.

Rudra gets enraged and leaves in a hurry to punish Dev for hurting his son.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Rudra complains to the principal against Dev for wounding Saaransh. The principal declares that he will suspend Dev for 15 days.

Meanwhile, Yuvraj is seen running on the street and meets with an accident.

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