Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th April 2022 Written Update: Saaransh Beats Up Dev; Revati Gets Saaransh Arrested


Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th April 2022 Written Update: Saaransh Beats Up Dev; Revati Gets Saaransh Arrested


The upcoming episodes of the StarPlus popular show Yeh Hai Chahatein are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

In today's episode, Rudra searches for Dev everywhere in school and later finds him inside an empty classroom.

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Rudra and Preesha bring Dev to the principal demanding strict action against Dev for intentionally hurting Saaransh.

However, the principal tries to save Dev by saying that his parents are out of town but Alia comes there and reveals that her parents are in the town.

In the end, the principal reluctantly declares to suspend Dev from school for 15 days.

Meanwhile, Yuvraj's car gets towed by the traffic police along with his shoes.

Yuvraj blames Rudra and Preesha for his misfortune and goes to Rudra's studio but learns that Rudra is not there.

Later, Yuvraj gets caught trying to steal a pair of slippers from outside the temple and tries to run away but meets with an accident on the way.

Meanwhile, Rudra overhears Preesha and Sharda talking about Dev's incident and decides to do something to lighten up Preesha's mood. He messages Preesha to come to the terrace.

Preesha gets surprised to see romantic decorations on the terrace while Rudra entertains her by cosplaying as different heroes from the movies.

Their romantic time gets interrupted by the guard calling Preesha to inform her that some weird men are asking for her.

Both of them go downstairs where some drunk men say vulgar comments to Preesha showing a poster of Preesha with her number on it.

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Alia Threatens Dev

Those men try to drag Preesha towards them while Rudra starts angrily beating them. Preesha also joins him and beats those men with a pipe.

Meanwhile, Dev and his friend enjoy the entire drama from a little far away, and Dev gets happy to see his revenge being fulfilled for suspending him.

On the other hand, Yuvraj wakes up in a hospital room and finds out that someone paid his hospital fees and feels excited to get free food and a place to sleep in.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Saaransh beats up Dev in school. The principal informs Rudra and Preesha that Dev has been admitted to the hospital. 

Later, Revathi comes to the hospital and gets Saaransh arrested for beating her son Dev. Police take Saaransh to the juvenile jail.

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