Udaariyaan Upcoming Promo: Who Is Angad's Mysterious Crime Partner?


Udaariyaan Upcoming Promo: Who Is Angad's Mysterious Crime Partner?


As we have seen so far, Angad gets stunned to see Tejo's lookalike Tanya in London and gets scared about his crime being exposed.

Angad calls someone and informs him that Tejo is alive and living with a different identity in London.

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Angad tries to convince his mysterious partner that he will never make a mistake in recognizing Tejo. 

Angad believes that Tanya is actually Tejo and decides to find out everything about her.

In order to find out Tanya's real identity, Angad starts following her as she walks out of her house.

However, Tanya notices Angad stalking her and hits him and questions his intentions.

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Jasmine And Amrik See Tejo In London

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Jasmine and Amrik will run away from their homes as their family refuses to accept their love.

Amrik and Jasmine will reach London and will be shocked to find Tejo however, she will refuse to recognize them.

Afterwards, they will inform Fateh about Tejo and he will come to London hoping to meet with Tejo.

Meanwhile, Angad with the help of his crime partner will try his best to uncover Tanya's truth.

It will be interesting to see Fateh and Tanya's faceoff.

What will Angad do next? Will Angad be able to find out the truth?

Who is giving Angad's support?

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