Udaariyaan Upcoming New Twist - Amrik throws Jasmine out of Virk House; Fateh gets Jasmine Arrested


Udaariyaan Upcoming New Twist: Amrik throws Jasmine out of Virk House; Fateh gets Jasmine Arrested


Until now we have seen that Fateh finds Jasmine's letter in Sherwani's pocket and finds the truth about the accident.

Fateh learns that Tejo knew the whole truth about Jasmine's fake accident trap for Amirk, but she still hides it from him.

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Fateh gets furious with both Tejo and Jasmine for hiding the truth from him and his family and in a fit of rage cancels his engagement with Tejo and leaves the Sandhu house along with Amrik.

Now, as per the upcoming spoiler, there is an interesting twist in the storyline of this show.

Amrik throws Jasmine out of Virk House:-

After the cancellation of the engagement, Fateh is still angry with Tejo and still can't believe that Tejo hides the truth from him. On the other side, Tejo is also heartbroken completely.

Angad comes to Tejo and as a good friend motivates her to be strong and fight for herself.

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Later, Tejo takes Jasmine with her to the Virk house. Seeing Jasmine at Virk's house, Amrik becomes very angry with Jasmine, he asks her to leave Virk's house and never come back again and closes the door on her face.

Fateh is seen standing behind watching all this with a sad face, while Tejo is also seen standing there helpless with tears in her eyes.

Fateh gets Jasmine arrested:-

Both Jasmine and Tejo return to Sandhu's house heartbroken. Even their family members are sad about all the happenings.

Right at that time, the police arrive at Sandhu's house to arrest Jasmine.

Tejo tries her best to stop the police to forgive Jasmine, but the police inform her that Fateh has filed a case of fraud and mental harassment against Jasmine and they have to arrest her.

Jasmine is seen taken away by the police, while she is crying and asking for help, and Tejo is seen standing stunned and also upset with Fateh that he get Jasmine arrested. According to Tejo, Fateh should not have got Jasmine arrested.

Has Fateh closed all the doors to unite with Tejo in the future by getting Jasmine arrested?

It will be really very interesting to see what more drama and twists come into the show.

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