Udaariyaan 9th April 2022 Written Update: Khushbeer And Rupy's Political Rivalry Puts Tejo In Dilemma


Udaariyaan 9th April 2022 Written Update: Khushbeer And Rupy's Political Rivalry Puts Tejo In Dilemma


In today's episode, Fateh angrily leaves the restaurant after seeing Angad and Tejo together. 

He asks Khushbeer to thank Tejo on his behalf and leaves making some excuse. 

Khushbeer meets Tejo and expresses his thanks for getting him the ticket for the election. 

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He also apologizes to her for his behavior earlier. 

He asks Tejo to come to the election office during the nomination process to support him. 

The next morning, Tejo gets ready to go to the election office when Rupy stops her. 

Rupy informs Tejo that he will be competing against Khushbeer in the election and asks her to choose between Khushbeer and him. 

Hearing this, Tejo gets worried and thinks that if Rupy competes in the election then the conflict between both the families will increase. 

At the election office, Khushbeer eagerly waits for Tejo to come but gets shocked when she comes with Rupy supporting his party. 

Fateh and his family misunderstand Tejo's act of kindness towards Khushbeer. 

Khushbeer and Rupy register their names as competitors for the election while Tejo and Fateh evade each other. 

Afterward, Jasmine goes to meet Fateh to apologize for her actions and begs him to change his decision. 

Just then, Tejo and Angad notice Jasmine talking to Fateh and wonder what they are doing together. 

At home, Rupy rushes out with others after hearing about Khushbeer doing his campaign. 

Hearing this, Jasmine also leaves to meet Amrik and lies to Tejo that she is going shopping with Sweety. 

Tejo tells Jasmine to return home early as the weather will get worse according to the forecast. 

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During the campaign, seeing the deteriorating weather condition Fateh tells Khushbeer to return home. 

Meanwhile, Tejo finds out that Jasmine is not with Sweety and gets worried about her as the weather turns worse.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see Angad and Tejo try to find Jasmine. Jasmine gets stuck in the storm and some men chase her.

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