Udaariyaan 8th April 2022 Written Update: Distance Between Fateh And Tejo Deepens


Udaariyaan 8th April 2022 Written Update: Distance Between Fateh And Tejo Deepens


In today's episode, Tejo slaps Fateh and tells him that she never thought that he would humiliate her like this and walks away with teary eyes.

Meanwhile, Angad brings Jasmine home, and Satti thanks him for bailing Jasmine out of the jail.

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Satti accuses Jasmine that because of her everybody is suffering and tells her to go inside.

Jasmine calls Amrik to apologize but he cuts her call so she messages him to give her a chance.

Later, Tejo stops Jasmine from going to Amrik and tells her not to apologize anymore.

Rupy hears Tejo and regrets trusting Fateh and decides to make Virks regret their decision.

Few party members come to the Virk and tell him that they had decided to give him a chance to stand in the elections.

Hearing this, everybody gets excited.

Kushbeer regrets hurting Tejo when he comes to know that the party members agreed because of Tejo's request.

He asks her to meet with him. Fateh also joins him.

Tejo waits for Kushbeer at the restaurant while wondering why he wants to meet her.

Fateh recalls how once he apologizes to her with Ice cream and goes to buy it for her.

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Angad comes to Tejo and requests her to forgive Fateh but Tejo refuses by stating that this time he hurt her honor, raised questions about her character, and doubted her love.

Angad consoles her by putting his hands on her shoulder. Fateh sees them and leaves from there angrily throwing the Ice cream.

Episode Ends!

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