Udaariyaan 22nd April 2022 Written Update: Angad Maan Burns Tejo To Death


Udaariyaan 22nd April 2022 Written Update: Angad Maan Burns Tejo To Death


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

In today's episode, Angad traps Tejo inside and lights the place on fire.

Tejo shouts for help and tries to escape from there but fails to do.

Meanwhile, Rupy and other family members are worried as Tejo and Jasmine are nowhere to be found.

Fateh meets Jasmine on the way and both of them together go to meet Tejo.

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Angad plays loud music to suppress Tejo's screams and thinks that he finally ended Fateh and Tejo's love story.

Meanwhile, Fateh and Jasmine reach the designated place. Fateh goes inside and gets shocked to see fire.

In a state of panic, Fateh screams Tejo's name. Hearing Fateh's screams Jasmine also comes inside.

Both of them try to save Tejo while Tejo also notices them together and misunderstands that they wanted to kill her.

Fateh tries to go inside to save Tejo however, Jasmine stops him and tells him that it's too dangerous since the fire has spread too much.

Later, the Sandhu and the Virk family arrive there and the inspector brings Tejo's burnt jewelry.

Angad pretends to be heartbroken while Fateh yells in pain at losing the love of his life.

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Six Months Later

Fateh is traumatized by Tejo's death and still can't forget about her.

The Virk family feels worried for Fateh and thinks that he should forget about Tejo and move on in life.

Meanwhile, Jasmine does not agree to let go of any of Tejo's belongings.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Fateh goes to Tejo’s house while Satti expresses her disappointment that his family didn't come even today.

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