Udaariyaan 2 April 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Finally Gets Exposed; Fateh and Tejo's Engagement Cancelled


Udaariyaan 2nd April 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Finally Gets Exposed; Fateh and Tejo's Engagement Cancelled


At the start of today's episode, Fateh sees the paper plane on the floor on which Jasmine had written her confession. Fateh is about to pick it up when Jasmine quickly comes and picks it before him.

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Then Jasmine quickly changes the topic and asks Fateh to check the Sherwani that is bought by Gurpreet for him. While Fateh informs her that he has some urgent work and has to leave right now, then he leaves.

Everyone gets on with their work when Jasmine has got hold of that paper plane and is about to destroy it, right at that time Gurpreet comes with Prasad and asks Jasmine to take it with both hands.

Since Jasmine is holding that letter in one of her hands, she had to drop it to accept Prasad with both hands.

Unfortunately, the letter falls on one of the clothes kept there and Jasmine is about to pick it up when Gurpreet asks her to go to the kitchen fast as she forgot to switch of cooking gas.

After Jasmine is back from the kitchen, she finds all the clothes kept there are gone, she gets scared and inquires about those clothes to Gurpreet.

Gurpreet tells her that all the clothes and gifts have been sent to the respective rooms for whom it was bought and some clothes and gifts have also been sent to her house.

On the other side, Fateh and Tejo are enjoying a romantic time over the call; alongside, Fateh is drawing something lovely and writing something for her on a paper that he would read out at the time of their Engagement.

While Jasmine goes to Sandhu’s house to find that letter, seeing her stressed and searching for something Angad questions Jasmine about her intention.

Jasmine gets irritated and accepts that she still loves Fateh and wants to get him back, but does Angad has any proof against her to prove this.

Right at that time Rupy comes there and asks Jasmine what is the matter. Angad informs him that he is suspicious of Jasmine, as she is desperately searching for something.

Rupy questions Jasmine about this and Jasmine is smart enough, who lies to them by saying that she was searching for her ring.

Fortunately, she finds one ring fallen on the floor and shows it to both Rupy and Angad. She says that she was searching for this ring and then leaves from there.

Now the moment of the day, as the Virk family arrives at Sandhu’s house for Fateh and Tejo's Engagement. Fateh is welcomed with garland, while Fateh is searching for Tejo.

Seeing this Dilraaj informs Fateh that Tejo is upstairs for whom he is looking; however, today he won’t be able to meet Tejo as his soldiers (both his elder brothers) will stop him.

Fateh smiles at Dilraaj and tells him that they can make their plans to stop him, but he would still meet Tejo today.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Fateh finds Jasmine's letter in Sherwani's pocket and will also know her truth about the accident.

Fateh will be seen getting furious with both Tejo and Jasmine for lying to him and his family and he will cancel his engagement.

Will Fateh and Tejo again get separated?

Will Fateh and Virk family be able to forgive Jasmine for lying to them and Tejo for hiding the truth?

The upcoming episodes are surely going to be super exciting, to know what happens next, please remember to follow us on our Facebook page.

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