Udaariyaan 1st April 2022 Written Update: Jasmine's letter is in Fateh's hand; Jasmine Stunned


Udaariyaan, 1st April 2022, Written Update: Jasmine's letter is in Fateh's hand, Jasmine Stunned


The upcoming episode of Colors TV's popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the start of today’s episode, we have seen that Jasmine is looking for the letter that she had written to Amrik and is now in Fateh's room.

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While Fateh who was searching for his phone is able to find his phone and makes a phone call to Tejo.

Jasmine is in Fateh's room searching for the letter and before she could find it, Fateh enters his room and sees Jasmine near the drawer and questions her as to what she is doing in his room.

Jasmine lies to Fateh that Gurpreet asked her to take the measurements of his (Fateh's) ring. At this Fateh tells Jasmine that he will give Gurpreet his ring by himself.

Then Fateh makes a call to Tejo and asks her to meet him; while Tejo tells him to wait.

Later Tejo comes to know that Gurpreet has made arrangements for her and Fateh's engagement shopping, while Tejo is smart enough and realizes that it's Fateh who had made this plan so that he could meet her.

At Virk's house, Jasmine is still trying hard to find the letter and is scared that it should not come into someone else's hand. She thinks that if Fateh gets that letter and gets to know her truth, then all the effort made by Tejo to unite her (Jasmine) with the family would be ruined. 

On the other side, both the Virk and Sandhu's families reach the shopping mall for Fateh and Tejo's engagement shopping.

Fateh is looking forward to spending some quality time with Tejo, while Satti asks both Fateh and Tejo to focus on their shopping.

Later in the changing room, Tejo is trying to hook her blouse which she is unable to do, and hence, thinks of taking help from Satti. Tejo tries to call Satti, but unfortunately, there is no mobile network.

At this time, Fateh comes for her help and they both get closed to each other. Suddenly, the ladies knock at their trial room and Fateh gets tensed as to how he will step out now.

Fateh wears a ladies' dress and comes out of the trial room, seeing this Tejo laughs at Fateh, at this Fateh pulls Tejo close to him.

Then Tejo points her finger at someone to distract Fateh, as soon as Fateh looks in that direction, Tejo runs away from there.

Jasmine's letter is in Fateh's hand:-

While at Virk's house, Candy finds that letter, and believing that it's just paper, he makes an airplane of it and plays with it.

Then the Virk family arrives back at Virk's house and asks Jasmine to see all the outfits which they have shopped today for Fateh and Tejo's engagement, right at that time that paper plane lands near Jasmine.

Before Jasmine can hide that paper plane, Mahi takes it from Jasmine and shoots it, it falls on the floor and we see that Fateh is about to pick the paper plane.

Episode Ends!

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