Udaariyaan 18th April 2022 Written Update: Angad Maan Warns Jasmine


Udaariyaan 18th April 2022 Written Update: Angad Maan Warns Jasmine


In today's episode, Tejo comes for the Mehendi ceremony while Rupy receives Angad's messages that he will be late.

Meanwhile, Amrik tells Buzzo that he messaged Rupy through Angad's phone. Angad breaks a glass bottle inside the godown. 

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Later, Mehendi designer asks Tejo about her fiance's name. Tejo feels lost and recalls Fateh.

Fateh whispers in Mehendi designer's ear to write F.

Afterward, Satti comes to Tejo and asks her if she is happy while Tejo nods yes.

Meanwhile, Angad manages to free himself from the ropes and escapes from there.

Satti praises Tejo's Mehendi while Jasmine thinks about switching off the lights so that Fateh will get a chance to talk to Tejo.

After a while, Tejo notices F written on her palm and rushes to the washroom.

When the lights go off, Jasmine tells Fateh to go to Tejo.

Angad arrives at the ceremony and greets everybody. Jasmine gets shocked to see Angad there.

Angad seeks Rupy and Satti's permission to meet Tejo.

Tejo aggressively tries to wash off her Mehendi saying that she neither wants Fateh’s name nor Fateh in her life.

Fateh overhears her from the outside and gets upset. Fateh hides behind the curtains upon hearing someone coming.

Angad comes there and tries to calm Tejo down. He tells her that Rupy will be sad when he sees her crying.

Later, Angad changes the F into A with the help of Tejo's lipstick.

Hearing their conversation, Fateh feels heartbroken.

Afterward, Angad and Tejo dance in front of the family. Fateh sees them together and walks away with teary eyes.

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Later, Jasmine gets shocked to know that Angad found out about her plan. 

Angad tells Jasmine that this marriage is happening with Tejo's consent. He warns her not to ruin the wedding tomorrow.

Jasmine tells him that he cannot win every time.

Episode Ends!

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