Udaariyaan 14th April 2022 Written Update: Why Did Satti Slap Jasmine?


Udaariyaan 14th April 2022 Written Update: Why Did Satti Slap Jasmine?


In today's episode, Angad tells Rupy that he will organize the wedding within two days.

Hearing this, Tejo goes out of the hospital room with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Jasmine finds Fateh sitting near a car crying. Jasmine blames Fateh for hurting Tejo.

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Fateh says that he could never do such a thing.

Jasmine asks Fateh who else could leak the video, Fateh and Jasmine think for a while and take Angad's name in sync.

Just then, Fateh and Jasmine see Angad getting into his car outside the hospital.

Fateh stops him and starts beating him. He accuses Angad of conspiring to separate him and Tejo. 

Angad pushes Fateh away and says that he had no choice except to agree to Rupy's request.

Afterward, Jasmine and Angad start blaming each other for breaking Tejo and Fateh's relationship, while Fateh gets confused.

Meanwhile, at home, Rupy asks Tejo whether she is happy with the marriage. Tejo replies that she is happy.

Later, Angad tries to make Tejo understand that Fateh is not the type of person who would leak such a video.

However, Tejo refuses to talk about it.

Angad suggests having a fake marriage but Tejo rejects the idea because she does not want to deceive her loved ones for Fateh.

Later, Jasmine challenges Angad that she would expose him before marriage while Angad tells her that if she really cared about Tejo's happiness then she would have tried to unite Fateh and Tejo.

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Jasmine angrily pours the glass of water on Angad's face.

Satti witnesses this and slap Jasmine while telling her to respect her father's decision.

Meanwhile, Fateh reaches home and he recalls the guy who gave him the Pendrive with the video.

Episode Ends!

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