Udaariyaan 13th April 2022 Written Update: Rupy Requests Angad To Marry Tejo


Udaariyaan 13th April 2022 Written Update: Rupy Requests Angad To Marry Tejo


In today's episode, everyone gets shocked to see the video of Tejo and Fateh's private moment.

Rupy suffers a heart attack after seeing such a video of his beloved daughter.

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Immediately Rupy is taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Amrik sees Jasmine crying and hugs her, and tells her that he is with her. 

Later, Tejo sees Fateh in the hospital, she angrily starts slapping him and asks him whether he has come to check whether Rupy has died or not.

Angad asks Fateh to leave as the situation is not fine.

Fateh says that he won't show his face to Tejo however refuses to leave her alone.

Fateh's heart breaks seeing Angad comforting Tejo.

Afterward, the nurse informs the Sandhus that Rupy needs blood.

Seeing Tejo unwell nurse refuses to take her blood, Fateh agrees to donate blood and asks the nurse to keep it a secret.

The next morning, Khushbeer tells the police inspector to find the culprit, who leaked the Fateh-Tejo video. The inspector assures him that he will soon catch the culprit.

Meanwhile, Rupy gains consciousness.

Rupy asks Angad for a favor. He begs Angad to accept Tejo and marry her.

Seeing Rupy crying Angad tells him that he doesn't mind if Tejo agrees to do it.

Tejo notices Fateh watching them from the outside and recalls all the recent events where he hurt her and broke her heart.

Tejo agrees to marry Angad with a heavy heart filled with anger for Fateh.

Rupy happily rests Tejo's hand over Angad's hand.

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Meanwhile, Jasmine gets shocked to know Tejo's decision while Fateh feels shattered.

Episode Ends!

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