Udaariyaan 12th April 2022 Written Update: Will Fateh's Negligence End Fateh And Tejo's Relationship?


Udaariyaan 12th April 2022 Written Update: Will Fateh's Negligence End Fateh And Tejo's Relationship?


In today's episode, Tejo apologizes to Khushbeer and tells him that she was unaware of Rupy's decision to contest against him in the election.

She notices Jasmine and Fateh talking to each other.

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Meanwhile, Jasmine requests Fateh not to punish Tejo for the mistakes she didn't do.

She tells him about Tejo's suffering and asks him to make up with Tejo.

Jasmine warns Fateh that the dispute between him and Tejo might be beneficial for someone else.

Later, Tejo searches for her purse but fails to find it. Angad suggests Tejo to check the CCTV footage.

While checking the footage Tejo sees Fateh going inside Khushbeer's tent and after a while, Jasmine also goes inside the same tent.

Seeing this Tejo gets upset while Angad tries to make her understand that what she saw might not be true.

Angad tells Tejo that Jasmine might have mistaken Fateh for Amrik since both of them are wearing similar outfits and tells her to cheer up.

At night, Tejo can't sleep and keeps thinking about Jasmine and Fateh.

Meanwhile, Fateh recalls Jasmine's words and decides to see Tejo. He texts her to meet with him.

Angad sees Tejo going out at night alone and wonders where she is going. He starts following Tejo. 

Tejo asks Fateh what is going on between him and Jasmine. Hearing this, Fateh gets angry and tells her that she is doubting him unnecessarily.

Just then, Angad reaches there. Seeing Angad, Fateh gets enraged and walks away from Tejo.

Angad tries to stop Fateh however, Fateh angrily starts punching Angad.

Tejo stops Fateh and yells at him for hurting Angad and leaves with Angad.

The next day, both the families, Virks and Sandhus meet at the election campaign.

Suddenly a fight starts between both the parties. Fateh and Tejo try to stop the fight and Fateh loses an important pen drive during the fight.

Fateh declares that fighting like this is uncalled for when he could defeat the opposition party with his mind games.

Afterward, Fateh finds the pen drive back and plays the video that he made to support Khushbeer's campaign.

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After a while, Fateh and Tejo's Holi night romance plays on the screen however, Fateh's face is blurred out.

Everybody gets stunned to see the video.

Episode Ends!

Who is the culprit that swapped the pen drive? Will Fateh's Negligence End Fateh and Tejo's Relationship?

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