Udaariyaan 11th April 2022 Written Update: Growing Misunderstanding Between Fateh And Tejo


Udaariyaan 11th April 2022 Written Update: Growing Misunderstanding Between Fateh And Tejo


In today's episode, in the midst of heavy rain Tejo and Angad go out to find Jasmine. 

Meanwhile, Jasmine's cab breaks down in the middle of a deserted road. The driver goes to find help. Suddenly some men appear and surround the car.

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Seeing them Jasmine gets scared. One of the men opens the front seat door while Jasmine gets out of the car and starts running on the road. All the men chase her.

The next morning, Tejo gets a call from the cab company. She tells them to send her the location where Jasmine's cab broke down.

Tejo and Angad reach the location and start searching for Jasmine.

Later, Tejo sees Fateh carrying Jasmine in his arms and gets shocked. Angad tells her not to assume anything without knowing the complete story.

Afterward, Jasmine hugs Tejo and tells her how last night Fateh save her and also took her to the doctor.

Tejo gets suspicious recalling how Fateh and Jasmine betrayed her earlier. 

At the election rally, Sandhus and Virks stand opposite each other.

Later, Tejo bumps into Jasmine and asks her why she is here. Jasmine tells her that she wants to help with the rally.

Jasmine goes inside Khushbeer's tent wanting to meet Amrik but finds Fateh there.

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Meanwhile, Tejo goes to Khushbeer and apologizes to him saying she didn't know that Rupy would contest against him in the election.

Suddenly she notices Jasmine and Fateh talking with each other and starts wondering about them.

Episode Ends!

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