TMKOC 6th April 2022 Written Update: Situation Gets Heated Between Jethalal And Sodhi


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 6th April 2022 Written Update: Situation Gets Heated Between Jethalal And Sodhi


At the beginning of today's episode, Bhide dashes to Mehta's house to inform him that Jethalal is back from Nashik and tells Mehta to let Jethalal know the truth.

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Meanwhile, Jethalal is tense as Bapuji is neither answering the phone nor opening the door. Jethalal quickly goes to Mehta's house for extra house keys and on the way, Abdul tells him that he did not see Chachaji going outside.

As Jethalal comes to Mehta's house he meets with Bhide and all of them go to Jethalal's house to check on Chachaji.

Jethalal enters the room and is surprised to see Bapuji still sleeping and wakes him up. 

After Bapuji wakes up, everyone asks him if he is fine because he never wakes up late. Then Chachaji assures them that he is fine by starting to do jogging and exercising to convince them.

Later, Bapuji announces that he might go out with his friends for dinner tonight as well and go to the bathroom to take shower. 

Mehta takes this opportunity to tell Jethalal to come to Popatlal’s house however, Jethalal tries to refuse but Mehta insists that Popatlal really needs their help. 

Bhide calls the entire Purush Mandali at Popatlal’s place. Jethalal later tells Mehta that if Sodhi is coming then he will not go but Mehta assures him that Sodhi is not coming.

After everyone gathers at Popatlal’s house, Jethalal sees Sodhi coming and yells at Bhide and Mehta for calling Sodhi there. 

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Soon situation gets heated between Jethalal and Sodhi. They start arguing with each other while everyone tries to calm both of them.

Metha tells Jethalal that Sodhi has come because of him and starts talking in circles but Jethalal is not ready to listen to him and keeps yelling at Sodhi for falsely accusing Bapuji.

Feeling overwhelmed with anger, Sodhi tells Jethalal that Bapuji went for party sharty yesterday as well and everyone agrees with Sodhi.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that the Purush Mandali informs Jethalal about Bapuji doing party sharty but he refuses to believe them.

After, seeing the videos of Bapuji doing party sharty and returning home in a drunk state, Jethalal gets heartbroken.

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