TMKOC 4th April 2022 Written Update: Finally Bapuji's Truth Will Be Revealed To Jethalal


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 4th April 2022 Written Update: Finally Bapuji's Truth Will Be Revealed To Jethalal


So far we have seen that Popatlal is stunned when he sees Bapuji doing partying-sharty with his friends.

Popatlal plans to capture a video of Bapuji doing party-sharty and show that video to the entire Purush Mandali.

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Later, when Bapuji reaches Gokuldham in an auto and is so drunk that he cannot even walk properly. Seeing this the entire Purush Mandali gets shocked.

Just then, Jethalal calls Taarak and inquires about Bapuji, while Taarak who is still in shock, is unable, to tell the truth to Jethalal and ends his call in a hurry.

Before entering the house, Bapuji hides the party-sharty bottle behind a plant under his house. Sodhi finds the bottle and shows it to the entire Purush Mandali and they all are shocked to see it.

The next day, Jethalal comes back to Gokuldham when he meets Iyer and Babitaji during their morning walk.

Babitaji tells Jethalal that he and Anjali had given Bapuji breakfast, but he refuses to eat dinner, as he had planned to eat out with his friends.

On this Iyer murmurs that he had planned not only to eat but also to drink. Jethalal asks Iyer what he is saying, to which Iyer asks him to go home to find out.

Just before entering his house, Bhide meets Jethalal and he also tells him to go home and he will know. Jethalal is shocked by the behavior of Iyer and Bhide and goes toward his house.

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Jethalal keeps ringing the bell of his house and keeps calling on Bapuji's mobile and landline, but no one answers.

Jethalal is shocked, as Bapuji is still sleeping when Bapuji is known to get up early.

What will Jethalal do if he comes to know about Bapuji's truth?

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