TMKOC 2nd April 2022 Written Update: Bapuji is Caught Red Handed


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 2nd April 2022 Written Update: Bapuji is Caught Red Handed


At the start of the episode, both Sodhi and Popatlal reach the Bar cum Restaurant where Bapuji has come along with his friends.

Both go inside the bar in search of Bapuji and are searching to find a good place from where they both can see what exactly Bapuji is doing in the bar.

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Popatlal's astonished when he sees Bapuji making drinks and then doing Party-Sharty with his friends. Popatlal gets a Jor-Ka-Jhatka, he also becomes sad seeing Bapuji doing Party-Sharty.

At this Sodhi tells Popatlal that he was telling the truth and no one believed him. Now it's time to call everyone and show what Bapuji is doing here.

Popatlal tells him that, by the time everyone would come here, Bapuji may go home after doing the Party-Sharty. So he has a better plan, which is to capture a video of Bapuji doing Party-Sharty.

Popatlal makes a video of Bapuji and right at that time, two bouncers see both Popatlal and Sodhi making a video in the bar. The bouncers take both Popatlal and Sodhi aside.

They ask them to delete the video, else they should be ready for the dire consequences. Sodhi gets angry at them and refuses to delete the video, then an argument starts between Sodhi and the bouncers.

Seeing the situation going out of hand, smart Popatal agrees of deleting the video and deletes it in front of them and then both Popatlal and Sodhi leave the bar.

Sodhi becomes angry with Popatlal for deleting the video which could have proved the truth he told to the Purush Mandali. At this Popatlal informs Sodhi that, before deleting the video, he had emailed it to himself.

Then Popatlal shows that video to Sodhi, seeing which Sodhi becomes happy, and asks Popatlal to call the Purush Mandali to the garden and show this video.

Popatlal agrees with Sodhi and calls Taarak and Bhide and lies to them, that he is very sad and needs their support to overcome it and asks them to meet him in the garden.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Popatlal and Sodhi have shown the video to the entire Purush Mandali (except Jethalal, as he is out of town).

Right at that time, Bapuji arrives at Gokhuldham in auto and is so intoxicated that he is not able to walk properly. Seeing this the entire Purush Mandali gets shocked, while Popatlal again starts to make a video of this incident.

What Jethalal will do when he will know about Bapuji's truth? Will he be able to face Sodhi?

What excuse Bapuji will give to everyone? Will he be able to stop Purush Mandali from doing Party-Sharty in the future, when he himself is doing it?

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