TMKOC 11th April 2022 Written Update: Bapuji Reveals The Truth; Jethalal In Big Trouble


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 11th April 2022 Written Update: Bapuji Reveals The Truth; Jethalal In Big Trouble 


In today's episode, Popatlal blames Sodhi for making Jethalal drunk and further escalating their problems. 

Sodhi tries to defend himself by stating that it was the best way to boost Jethalal's confidence. 

They decide that Metha Shaheb will take care of Jethalal while the rest of the Purush Mandali will go downstairs. 

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Later, they start panicking on seeing Chachaji coming towards the compound with his friends. 

Chachaji comes and introduces his friends to everyone.

Everybody gets shocked on receiving a pamphlet that says "say no to alcohol" by Chachaji. 

Chachaji explains that the pamphlet is about a rehab clinic that helps in cutting down alcohol consumption. 

Hearing this, everybody wonders why Chachaji is giving it to them when he is the one going for party-sharty at night. 

Chachaji informs them that for the past few days he's been working with this organization. 

He also tells them that he needs to inform Jethalal too about this and starts walking toward the stairs. 

Chachaji tells his friends how last night one of the bottles was left with him and he hide it behind the bushes. 

Popatlal calls Mehta and informs him about Chachaji's arrival while the rest of them try to stop Chachaji from going inside. 

Bhide invites Chachaji and his friends to his house to eat. However, Chachaji is determined to inform Jethalal first.

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Meanwhile, Anjali calls Mehta and tells him to be at home since guests are coming. 

Mehta informs the Purush Mandali that he hid Jethalal in Chachaji's bathroom and runs home after Bhide comes there. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the members of Purush Mandali and Chachaji with his friends wait for Jethalal in the living room. 

Episode Ends! 

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Chachaji discovers the empty alcohol bottle sitting on the dining table and questions the Purush Mandali about it. 

Just then, Jethalal comes into the living room. Bhide tries to stop him. Bapuji and his friends get shocked to see Jethalal drunk.

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