Udaariyaan Upcoming New Twist - Fateh Crossed His Limit; Tejo Gives a Tight Slap to Fateh


Udaariyaan Upcoming New Twist - Fateh Crossed His Limit; Tejo Gives a Tight Slap to Fateh


So far we have seen that, after knowing the truth about Jasmine, Fateh gets angry with Jasmine and Tejo for hiding the truth.

Enraged, Fateh cancels his engagement with Tejo and leaves Sandhu's house with Amrik.

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Later Tejo takes Jasmine to Virk House, where Amrik loses his cool on seeing Jasmine and throws her out of Virk House and asks her to never show her face.

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Jasmine Gets Arrested:-

Tejo and Jasmine return to their home depressed when the police come to Sandhu House to arrest Jasmine, as Fateh has filed a case of cheating and mental harassment against Jasmine.

Police arrest Jasmine and take her with them. A helpless Tejo tries her best but is unable to save Jasmine from being arrested.

Tejo then goes to the police station with Angad to get Jasmine's bail; however, the police officer refuses to release her and tells Tejo that, if the Virk family withdraws the complaint, he can release Jasmine.

The police officer also tells Tejo that if the complaint is not withdrawn by 11 am tomorrow, they will have to shift Jasmine to jail.

Tejo slaps Fateh:-

Tejo gets upset hearing this and goes to meet Fateh and asks for help to rescue Jasmine. Fateh who is still angry with Tejo and Jasmine refuses to help.

Tejo gets sad over this and tells Fateh that she had made the biggest mistake of her life by trusting Fateh. On this, Fateh crosses his limits and says something bad for Tejo.

He questions Tejo's character and says why would she trust a school teacher, she would always trust a rich businessman who has good contacts and a lot of money (he points to Angad).

This makes Tejo very angry at Fateh and she slaps him hard.

Will this incident end Tejo and Fateh's relationship permanently?

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