Imlie 8th April 2022 Written Update: Imlie Ties Up Aryan For An Interview


Imlie 8th April 2022 Written Update: Imlie Ties Up Aryan For An Interview


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Imlie are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

In today's episode, Aryan and Imlie argue with each other and Aryan ties Imlie with the dupatta and tell her to free herself from the bondage.
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Imlie gets enraged but finally succeeds in untying the dupatta. She questions his motive for doing this. 

Aryan states that one has to struggle and find a solution in order to get out of a problem. He tells her that she is strong enough to break any ties.

Afterward, Imlie is talking to Aparna on the phone when Neela comes and taunts her. Neela tells Imlie to take a bath and quickly come for breakfast.

Gudiya asks Neela why is she suddenly concerned about Imlie's breakfast.

Neela discloses that she has put an electric wire in the bathtub in order to hurt Imlie.

Meanwhile, Aparna gets worried about Imlie but Pankaj assures her that Imlie will be able to handle Neela.

Imlie joins everybody to have breakfast which surprises Neela and Gudiya.

Gudiya goes to the bathroom to check and screams shocking everyone.

Everybody rushes to the bathroom and is amazed to see Gudiya's condition. They find an electric wire in the bathtub.

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Neela Catches Imlie Sneaking Out

Narmada asks Imlie if she is fine since she just used the bathroom. Imlie tells her that she took bath using a bucket instead of shower tub.

Neela gets upset and takes Gudiya away from there while Arpita and Imlie start giggling.

Later, Imlie asks Aryan for an interview but he refuses her. Imlie ties Aryan to prevent him from going to the office.

Imlie tells Arpita that she is going to ask about Arvind's case which makes Arpita sad but she agrees.

Finally, Imlie starts the interview and questions Aryan about Arvind's success in Rathore pharmaceuticals. Aryan answers everything.

Imlie ends the interview after knowing about some companies that were jealous of Arvind's success.

In the end, Aryan is left behind tied up while Imlie, Arpita, and Narmada happily leave.

Episode Ends!

Aparna welcomes Aryan and Imlie home. Aditya gets upset seeing them and tells Aparna that he wouldn't have been present home if he knew about their arrival earlier.

Aryan stands before Imlie and tells her that he is protecting her from evil eyes (Aditya).

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