Imlie 7th April 2022 Written Update: Why Did Aditya Burn The Files?


Imlie 7th April 2022 Written Update: Why Did Aditya Burn The Files?


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Imlie are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the beginning of today's episode, Imlie sings Aryan a lullaby to help him sleep and dozes off on the bed beside him.

Meanwhile, Neela and Gudiya try to peep into Aryan and Imlie's room to find out if there is something wrong between them.

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Afterward, Imlie wakes up and finds Aryan sleeping with his head on her lap. She carefully makes him sleep on a pillow and walks out of the house to get the files.

Neela and Gudiya watch Imlie sneaking out of the house alone. Neela tells Gudiya to take a photo of Imlie going out late at night.

Imlie reaches the office and manages to find the office keys and gets inside the office. She starts searching for Arvind's case file. Suddenly, Aditya walks in with the file. 

Aditya questions Imlie why she is trying to prove him innocent when her husband already considers him responsible for Arvind’s death. 

Aditya asks her if she still has feelings for him but Imlie makes it clear that she is doing everything to untie Aryan from his past agonizing memory and revenge.

Imlie also confirms that she doesn’t love him anymore and asks him to forget about her and move on.

Feeling hurt by Imlie's response, Aditya burns the file and walks away. 

Imlie feels dejected and starts crying seeing the files getting burned in front of her.

Imlie returns home and finds Neela taunting her about spending the whole night out of the house. She accuses her of having an affair with Aditya and went to meet him.

But, Aryan warns Neela not to insult his wife and defends Imlie by saying that he trusts her.

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In the room, Imlie asks for Aryan's forgiveness and tells him that she indeed met Aditya. Aryan tells her that he knows that she met him and he also knows how Aditya burned the files as he already watched Cctv footage.

Imlie feels lost and tells him that she always loses to him.

Aryan tells Imlie to give up and says that many lawyers and senior reports had lost to him. He tells her that she doesn’t stand a chance to win against him as a mere girl.

Hearing this, Imlie gets infuriated and starts arguing with him.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Aryan ties up Imlie.

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