Imlie 5th April 2022 Written Update: Neela's Ploy To Create Rift Between Aryan And Imlie


Imlie 5th April 2022 Written Update: Neela's Ploy To Create Rift Between Aryan And Imlie


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Imlie are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the beginning of today's episode, Aryan and Imlie start arguing about Aryan's revenge.

Imlie tells Aryan to forget about his revenge because it will not make him happy. Aryan refuses to give up his plans to take revenge. He gets irritated with Imlie and walks away out of the house angrily.

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Aryan gets preoccupied thinking about Aditya while driving his car. He feels upset about Imlie's request to stop seeking revenge against him.

Suddenly, a man comes in front of Aryan's car. He tries to avoid him and is met with an accident.

Aryan gets injured and the blood flows out from his head. He gets out of the car and faints on the road.

Later, Narmada and Arpita are worried about Aryan in the hospital. Narmada gets anxious about Aryan's carelessness.

Arpita tells that Arvind's death is the cause of Aryan's behavioral change.

Just then, Neela arrives with her fake concern in the hospital and starts accusing Imlie of Aryan's injury while Narmada requests her to keep quiet.

The doctor informs that Aryan got only minor injuries that have been treated and he is out of danger now.

Imlie says that she will stay at the hospital to take care of Aryan and asks Arpita and Narmada to return home. 

Imlie walks toward the sleeping Aryan and says that she will not let the Rathod family lose another son.

The next day, Aryan wakes up to see Imlie sleeping. He massages her head thinking she couldn't sleep properly because of him. Imlie wakes up and blames him for ruining her sleep. Both of them start bickering like kids.

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Afterward, Neela stops Imlie from going to the office and tells her to make the first dish after marriage.

In the hospital, Narmada chides Aryan for his carelessness and tries to convince him to let go of his revenge and care for his marriage.

Meanwhile, Imlie tells Aparna about Aryan's accident and asks about a recipe for cooking. Before Aparna could say something Aditya snatches the phone and taunts Imlie.

Later, Imlie manages to make a sweet dish with the help of Sundar. However, Neela secretly adds lots of chili powder to the dish so that Aryan can't eat it.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie teases Aryan and unknowingly feeds the chili mixed sweet dish to Aryan. Aryan eats it without any complaint.

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