GHKKPM Upcoming Promo: Bhavani's Decision Put Virat And Sai In A Dilemma


Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein Upcoming Promo: Bhavani's Decision Put Virat And Sai In A Dilemma


As we have seen so far, Virat breaks up with Sai and sets her free to live her life independently.

Virat's decision leaves Sai devastated.

Afterward, Sai also gives up on her relationship with Virat and tries to ignore him.

Sai's this major step toward Virat makes him restless and later he realizes his mistake.

Virat decides to reconcile with Sai and confesses his love to her.

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Virat And Sai Ties The Wedding Knot

Sai and Virat decide to get married however, Bhavani doesn't agree with them.

Bhavani puts a condition in front of Sai that if she wants to become a part of this family then she will have to leave her medical profession.

However, Virat is not ready to leave Sai and fills the sindoor in Sai's hairline ignoring Bhavani's demand.

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Bhavani's Shocking Decision

Now, the situation has become tricky because Bhavani refuses to bless them after their marriage.

What new challenges Sai and Virat will have to face in their marital life?

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