GHKKPM 9th April 2022 Written Update: Virat and Sai's Soon To Be Ending Marriage Deal


Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein 9th April 2022 Written Update: Virat and Sai's Soon To Be Ending Marriage Deal


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the start of today's episode starts, Sai tells Shivani that there are to too many reports so it will take some time. 

Hearing this, Shivani goes to check her cupboard. Sai messages Rajeev to meet her at the cafe from Shivani's phone.

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On the other hand, Rajeev is busy making desserts in his bakery. He gets excited seeing Shivani's message and starts dancing with his aunt. 

Exiting Shivani’s room, Sai finds Bhavani, Sonali, Karishma, and Patralekha waiting for her. 

They question her motive for entering Shivani's room, Sai tries to evade the question however, Shivani comes and informs them that Sai was scanning Virat's report from her phone because the camera in her phone is better.

At that moment, Virat comes and asks Sai what report is she talking about as he hasn't gotten any test done so far. Sai feels trapped and lies about sending his old reports to Pulkit.

Later, Devi goes to Shivani's room to check on her as she seems upset earlier.

Shiwani is surprised to see Devi and Sai concerned about her and conveys her unhappiness regarding other members' oblivious behavior.

While praising Sai, Devi tells Shivani that Sai is in love with Virat and requests her to keep quiet about it.

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Meanwhile, Karishma tells Bhavani that Sai and Shivani are scheming something while Patralekha and Sonali agree with her.

Karishma offers to spy on Sai to find out the truth while Patralekha suggests Bhavani to be careful of Sai.

Afterward, Virat finds Sai’s examination notice. He feels sad thinking about their soon-to-be-ending marriage deal. Sai comes there and teases him for spying on her.

Looking at Sai, Virat reminds her of the time when she use to threaten to leave him after she becomes a doctor and now that day is coming soon.

Sai feels remorse for her past actions but tells Virat that now she will not leave him at any cost.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Sai shows various wedding dresses to Virat. Virat gets irritated and asks if she is planning their wedding. Hearing this, Sai teases him and asks for his help in reconciling two broken hearts and getting them married.

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