Anupama Namaste America 26th April 2022 Written Update: Anupama's New Journey Begins


Anupama Namaste America 26th April 2022 Written Update: Anupama's New Journey Begins


The upcoming episodes of Hotstar Special Anupama: Namaste America are going to be filled with exciting twists and turns.

In today's episode, Vanraj and Anupama arrive at the party while Vanraj recalls how Moti Baa compels him to take Anupama along with him to the party.

Everyone gets happy to see Anupama. Vanraj introduces her to his boss and other colleagues.

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Rajni Patel (Vanraj's Boss's Wife) gets impressed by Anupama's simplicity and tells her to entertain everybody in her own way. 

Meanwhile, Vanraj's colleagues tease him and ask him if Anupama knows his stories before marriage referring to his past relationship.

Anupama says that she can dance and looks at Vanraj for permission while he agrees reluctantly.

Anupama mesmerizes everyone with her beautiful dance performance. Everyone applauds her performance a lot.

Meanwhile, Vanraj tries to talk to his boss about the US project but his boss tells him that they will discuss the project later because right now Anupama has completely changed the mood of the party.

Golden Opportunity For Anupama

Rajni gets greatly impressed with Anupama's talent and asks Anupama to be a part of her work in promoting the Indian culture which is based on the theme of, 'Talented Indian Housewives'.

Rajni offers to take Anupama to America. Hearing this, Anupama feels extremely happy but also worries about Vanraj's opinion.

Later, Vanraj's boss remembers about Vanraj's children and he says that it would be difficult to look after them.

Just then, someone mentions that Vanraj should take care of the kids in Anupama's absence as he mentioned in his Women's Day presentation.

Rajni praises Vanraj for being such a supportive husband while his boss tells him that he could go to the USA next time.

Hearing this, Vanraj's blood boils but ultimately he gives in to the peer pressure and tells Anupama that she should go to America.

Later, Anupama returns home and excitedly shares this good news with everyone.

Except for Baa and Vanraj, everybody feels extremely happy about Anupama's success.

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Vanraj's Past With Ritika

Afterward, Vanraj feels jealous while looking at Anupama's passport.

Just then, he receives a message from Ritika, saying that, she is returning to India. 

Vanraj recalls the time when, he and Ritika were in a relationship and had to break it off, as Ritika moved to the USA. 

Vanraj feels confused and wonders where his destiny is taking him, as Anupama would go to the US while Ritika would be here.

Episode Ends!

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