Anupama 7th April 2022 Written Update: Will Kavya Finally Divorce Vanraj?


Anupama 7th April 2022 Written Update: Will Kavya Finally Divorce Vanraj?


The upcoming episode of StarPlus popular show Anupama is going to be an emotional roller coaster.

At the beginning of today's episode, Anupama tries to comfort Toshu for losing his job and offers him turmeric milk to heal his wounds.

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Toshu tells her to take care of her marriage and to leave him alone else he might blurt out to her something hurtful.

In the meantime, Malvika is happy to reunite with Anuj and GK and informs them that she kicked out Vanraj and others from her company.

Anuj gets tense hearing Malvika's decision and thinks that now Vanraj and others will try to hinder his marriage with Anupama.

Meanwhile, Kavya starts panicking and tells Rakhi that she is losing her mind. She informs her that Malvika fired all of them from her company. 

When Kinjal returns home, Toshu vents out his frustration on her and accuses her that when he needed her the most she wasn't there for him. 

Kinjal replies that she wanted to give Toshu some time to calm down. However, in the midst of their argument, Toshu mindlessly pushes her and she ends up falling on the bed. 

Kinjal gets stunned by his behavior while Toshu apologizes to her for unintentionally hurting her. Kinjal advises Toshu to mend his ways before it gets too late and he ends up losing everything.

At night, Anupama sees a firefly in her room and becomes hopeful about her marriage.

The next day, Anupama and Anuj decide to meet in the evening at his house to discuss their wedding preparations.

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In the meantime, Malvika requests Anuj to return to the Kapadia Empire but he politely refuses her and tells her that he has promised Anupama that he will succeed on his own merit.

Anupama gives medicines to Bapuji while he tells her that Malvika has invited them to her house to plan the wedding. Later, she leaves the house for the dance academy smiling.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anupama gets ready to meet Anuj. Vanraj bitterly tears his partnership contract with Malvika.

Meanwhile, Rakhi tries to instigate Kavya against the Shahs and tells her to divorce Vanraj and leave the house.

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