Udaariyan Upcoming New Twist - Angad Mann's New Trick To Separate Fateh And Tejo


Udaariyan Upcoming New Twist - Angad Mann's New Trick To Separate Fateh And Tejo


Jasmine understood Angad Mann's motive to separate Fateh and Tejo:-

So far as we have seen, Angad comes to know about Jasmine's fake drama in front of the Sandhu family and also comes to know that Jasmine still wants to get Fateh back in her life.

On the other hand, Angad comes to bail Jasmine and gets her out of jail before Fateh reaches the police station.

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Later Tejo also reaches the police station thinking that Fateh will also come there and withdraw the case registered against Jasmine, but the police inspector tells her that, Jasmine has already gotten bail and she has left.

Tejo is overjoyed that Fateh has finally reversed his decision to file a case against Jasmine and happily goes outside the police station to meet Fateh.

Tejo and Fateh both pass by each other but fail to notice each other and when Fateh talks about withdrawing the case, he is told that Jasmine has already got the bail.

Outside the police station, Tejo sees Angad with Jasmine and gets sad that Fateh did not come to save Jasmine, and Angad bailed her out.

Later, Fateh sees Tejo with Angad and gets annoyed when he sees that Angad is holding Tejo's hand.

Fateh thinks that Tejo never trusts him and did not wait for him to reach the police station and asked for Angad's help to get Jasmine's bail.

Jasmine suspects Angad's intentions against Fateh and Tejo:-

Here, Jasmine suspects Angad's motives and tells Angad that she knows that he is trying to separate Fateh and Tejo.

Since she saw how Angad deliberately stood in front of Tejo so that she could not see Fateh, a misunderstanding arises between them.

Angad tells Jasmine that if he had seen Fateh, then why didn't she tell Tejo about Fateh and then says that bad people can only see bad in others.

Is Jasmine's doubts about Angad true? Or, is Angad's doubts about Jasmine true?

Now it becomes difficult to identify who is Fatejo's hidden enemies, who are trying to tear him apart.

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