Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th March 2022 Written Update: Ruhi Takes This Step, Khurana Family Stunned


Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th March 2022 Written Update: Ruhi Takes This Step, Khurana Family Stunned


The upcoming episodes of the StarPlus popular show Yeh Hai Chahatein are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the start of today's episode, we have seen that Preesha goes to the storeroom to bring woods for Holika Dehen. Yuvraj also follows her to the storeroom.

Preesha gets shocked to see Yuvraj there and questions him about what he is doing there. Yuvraj asks Preesha if she never missed him, as, during their college days, she used to love him.

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Preesha asks Yuvraj to leave from there, but Yuvraj starts to misbehave with Preesha, she gets annoyed and warns him that she will inform Rudraksh about his behavior.

Hearing this Yuvraj gets angry at her and he makes her unconscious. Then, he takes her mobile and sends a message to Rudraksh, texting that she is going out to prepare for a surprise for him and she might be late, so they can begin the Holi Puja without her.

On the other hand, Rudraksh reads Preesha’s message and gets excited to know that Preesha is planning a surprise for him. While Yuvraj sees the pyre and gets an evil idea.

Yuvraj lights a fire which diverts the servants who are doing preparation for Holika Dehen and then he puts Preesha inside the pyre and says that, if she cannot be hers, she will not be anyone's.

Later, GPS and Vasudha also come to Khurana's house for the Holi Puja, Rudraksh compliments his family that they are looking beautiful.

Vasudha asks about Preesha, Rudraksh tells her that she has gone outside to prepare a surprise for him. Rudraksh also tells that they can start the Holi Puja.

Ruhi is super excited and tells the Khurana family that she is happy because she is celebrating Holi first time with all of them. Then Sharda asks Ruhi begin the puja.

Rudraksh waits for Preesha and wonders when she will return home. At last, Rudraksh also starts doing Holi Puja.

Then Saaransh sends Ruhi to Rudraksh’s room to bring a bag full of old clothes. Ruhi goes to Rudraksh’s room and starts pulling the bag from under the bed and while doing so she sees Preesha’s pictures on the wall.

Ruhi is shocked to see Preesha's pictures in Rudraksh's bedroom and wonders, why her mother's pictures are in Rudraksh's room, and goes downstairs to question Rudraksh.

Right at that time, Rudraksh is lighting the pyre and he spots Preesha's dress that he had gifted her to wear during Holi Puja today.

Rudraksh tries to pull that dress out from the Pyre and in doing so he sees Preesha inside the pyre and tries to save her. GPS, Vasudha, and the entire Khurana family come to save Preesha.

Yuvraj sees everything from far away and fearing that his truth will come out, runs away from Khurana's house. 

Ruhi Goes Missing, Khurana Family Stunned:-

Preesha is saved in the nick of time, everyone tries to wake her up as she is unconscious. Rudraksh gets emotional and asks Preesha to wake up and says that he cannot live without her.

Even Saaransh is also seen crying for Preesha and calls Preesha his mother and calls himself Preesha's son and asks her to wake up for him.

Ruhi is shocked to hear all of this, as to why Rudraksh is calling her mother Preesha when her name is Priya Sharma and why Saaransh is calling her mother his mother.

Episode ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Preesha informs Rudraksh that Yuvraj had tried to kill her. Later, they realize that Ruhi is missing and they all start to search for her.

They are unable to find Ruhi anywhere in Khurana's house, then Preesha questions Rudraksh if Yuvraj has kidnapped Ruhi.

Or, after knowing the truth, did Ruhi leave Khurana's house and go somewhere?

Did Yuvraj kidnap Ruhi to take revenge against Preesha and Rudraksh?

We will know the answer in the upcoming episodes which are going to be very interesting.

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