Udaariyaan 29 March 2022 Written Update - Will Angad and Jasmine's new move be successful? Conspiracy to separate Fatehjo


Udaariyaan 29 March 2022 Written Update - Will Angad and Jasmine's new move be successful? Conspiracy to separate Fatehjo


The upcoming episode of Colors TV's popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for an intense drama and interesting twists.

You guys too must be wondering what is going on in Jasmine's mind. Let us tell you that by using fake pandit and false predictions, Jasmine had gone on to separate Fateh and Tejo, this trick, from which Angad raised the curtain.

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Everyone thought that Jasmine might have changed, but it is said that the tail of a dog is never straight, in the same way, Jasmine will never change. This is fixed.

By including Buzzo in her plan, Jasmine had planned to separate Fateh and Tejo forever through Rupi. By taking advantage of the innocence of the family members, she won the trust of everyone.

Tejo, even after knowing Jasmine's truth, never told the truth to anyone including Fateh as Jasmine pretended to be good.

By hiding the prediction of Pandit, she performed the remedy along with Buzzo, so that he would not get suspicious about her evil plan and her plan seemed like a normal thing. While people like Jasmine can never be good.

The plan to escape from the house is put in everyone's mind. But both Tejo and Fateh deny taking any such step, which Rupi and Satti overhear in Gurudwara. Satti explains to Rupi that he is spoiling his daughter's life with his stubbornness.

Due to Jasmine's bad luck, the fake pandit gets caught by the police and Rupi sees this news on TV. Even Tejo's Taiji also tells Rupi to change his decision.

During Holika Dehen, Satti forces Tejo to get ready, as the groom's family is coming to see Tejo. Tejo is shocked to see Fateh and his family.

Tejo could not believe his eyes. Tejo gets away from Fateh as soon as she remembers her oath, then Rupi comes and apologizes to Tejo by placing Tejo's hand in Fateh's hand.

Fateh comes to meet Tejo at night and goes to Tejo's room and they spend some loving moments together.

Tejo waits for Fateh on Holi because Fateh was about to apply the color on her first. Jasmine calls someone on the phone and asks to reach out soon.

Then Fateh reaches to play Holi with Tejo. While Angad keeps an eye on Jasmine during the Holi celebration.

Will Angad and Jasmine's new move be successful?

Tejo catches someone with a knife at the Holi Milan ceremony but he runs away.

Angad talks to Jasmine to end her drama, even though Angad does not like Tejo and Fateh being together and he is about to mix a drug pill in Fateh's cannabis so that Fateh does something that will bring misunderstanding between Tejo and Fateh.

What do you think will happen next? Will Angad and Jasmine be successful?

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