Udaariyaan, 28th March 2022, Written Update: The Wait For Both Fateh and Tejo is Over; Finally Love Wins


Udaariyaan, 28th March 2022, Written Update: The Wait For Both Fateh and Tejo is Over; Finally Love Wins


The upcoming episode of Colors TV's popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the start of today’s episode, Jasmine and Buzzo worry about Tejo and Fateh. Jasmine assures Buzzo that things will be in his favor as he is doing everything that Panditji asked him to do.

Mahi suggests that Tejo and Fateh should run away and get married somewhere far away. Jasmine says Tejo will never agree to this.

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At Virk House, Fateh is unable to sleep, so he goes out to fetch water and finds Amrik trembling.

Amrik asked Fateh not to take such a dangerous step again. Fateh promised that he would never do such things.

On TV, Rupi sees the news of Panditji being arrested for forgery. Jasmine asks Buzzo to watch the news. Buzzo confirms that now there is only one way out and that Tejo and Fateh should run away.

Jasmine tells him that the Sandhu family will go to the gurdwara at 4:00 pm. Buzzo reaches the gurudwara with Fateh. He suggests that Fateh and Tejo should run away and get married.

Both Tejo and Fateh disagree with his idea of ​​running away to get married. Tejo says that she will marry only with the blessings of elders.

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Whereas Fateh said that their love is true and they cannot disappoint Rupi by doing anything stupid this time. Rupi hears everything from afar.

Jasmine tells Rupi that Tejo will never marry anyone other than Fateh. Now Rupi starts feeling guilty about his decision to separate both Tejo and Fateh.

During the Holi celebration, Satti tells Tejo to get ready as Rupi has called a meeting for Tejo's wedding.

Tejo queries about the boy if it's Angad whom Rupy had called for the meeting, while Satti says that the boy is not Angad. Tejo at first refuses but later she agrees to respect Rupi's decision.

Tejo thinks of Fateh during her dressing up and then she comes to celebrate Holi as if she was forced to do so.

Angad says to Tejo that she is looking very sad. Dadiji tells him that Tejo is saddened by Rupi's oath.

Just then the boy's family enters Sandhu's house with the beat of the drum. A stunned Tejo turns to see who the groom is, and wow - to her surprise, it's Fateh and the Virk family.

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