TMKOC, 28th March 2022, Written Update: Sodhi tells Bapuji's Truth to Jethalal


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, 28th March 2022, Written Update: Sodhi tells Bapuji's truth to Jethalal


At the start of today’s episode, we saw that Sodhi is afraid to tell the truth to Jethalal, and hence, he shares the truth with Popatlal and asks him to tell it to Jethalal.

Hearing the truth, even Popatlal gets scarred to tell about it to Jethalal and he whispers about it to Bheede and asks him to tell it to Jethalal.

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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, 28th March 2022, Written Update in Hindi

Similarly, Bheede is shocked to hear the truth and is unable to share it with Jethalal and he shares it with Dr. Hathi, then Dr. Hathi tells about it to Iyer and at last, Iyer shares the truth with Mehta.

Hearing the truth, Mehta gets the shock of his life and refuses to believe it and also does not want to share it with Jethalal, since he does not believe it to be true.

By this time, Jethalal becomes very curious and Jethalal asks Sodhi to reveal what he has shared with everyone else, as non of them are ready to tell him.

Finally, Sodhi gathers courage and tells him that he saw Bapuji doing party-sharty with his friends, hearing this Jethalal gets shocked and super angry.

Jethalal yells at Sodhi and asks him to stop joking about Bapuji. Sodhi says that he knew they wouldn’t believe him and that’s why he had tried to call everyone but no one picked up his call.

To prove himself right, Sodhi who had taken photos of Bapuji doing party-sharty shows as proof to everyone. Unfortunately, the photo is not that clear, whether it is Bapuji or someone else. 

Jethalal informs everyone that, Bapuji was wearing different clothes when he left and in the photo which Sodhi is showing, that person is wearing different clothes.

Then, Mehta asks Jethalal to go home and check if Bapuji is in the house. In case, Bapuji has yet not come home, then they all will go along with Sodhi where he saw Bapuji.

Agreeing to this, Jethalal goes to his home and sees that Bapuji is sleeping in his own room, and to get proof of the same, he clicks his picture, which he shows to the entire Purush Mandali.

Still, Sodhi says that he has indeed seen Bapuji and narrates the whole story of how he saw Bapuji drinking in the same restaurant.

Jethalal has lost all his patience and asks Sodhi to stop it and announces that from today, we are no more friends. Everyone is shocked to hear this.

Episode ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Sodhi comes up with an idea to go to Bapuji's room and check if Bapuji has done the party-sharty or not by smelling his mouth.

The entire Purush Mandali goes to Bapuji's room and one by one everyone tries to check Bapuji, but none of them is successful, as Bapuji keeps on slapping them in sleep.

Will the Purush Mandali know the truth of Bapuji?

Was Bapuji awake and was just acting as if he is sleeping and hence, did not allow anyone to check on him?

Did Bapuji also see Sodhi doing party-sharty in the same hotel and hence, to save himself, came home before Sodhi?

We will know about it in the upcoming episodes, which are going to be a laugh riot.

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