Imlie 30th March 2022 Written Update: Imlie Fails To Stop Neela's Evil Plan


Imlie 30th March 2022 Written Update: Imlie Fails To Stop Neela's Evil Plan

Today's episode starts with Neela revealing all her evil acts to Imlie assuming that it is Gudiya behind the veil.

Imlie is astonished to hear Neela's confession and her money-minded foul plans. Imlie is angry and kicks Neela's feet.


Neela is surprised and asks her why she kicked her. Imlie imitates Gudiya's voice and tells that Aryan's locker key belongs to her and runs away.

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Aparna and Meethi, bring Gudiya disguised as Imlie for the prayers. Aparna notices her leg and thinks about the missing black thread that she tied to Imlie.

Everyone prays to god with eyes closed, Neela uses this opportunity and pulls Gudiya from there.

Enraged Neela, she slaps Gudiya. Later, they find out the truth.

Meanwhile, Imlie slips in and hugs Sathyakam feeling happy. Imlie removes her veil and talks with Sathyakam. Meethi, Imlie and Sathyakam get sentimental and hug each other.

Sathyakam tells that he had left his gift to Meethi and says he will have to go back to the village.

Upon entering the Mandap, Imlie decides to get married to Aryan as she does not want to break Aditya's and Aryan's family's hope and trust.

Seeing Imlie standing in the middle of the hall, Meethi brings Imlie beside Aryan.

Rituals are started, but Neela interrupts them and tells Narmada to bring the ancestral bangle. 

Neela deliberately drops oil on Imlie's dress and hurts her. Aparna takes Imlie with her to clean the dress.

In the absence of Aparna Neela hits Imlie with a glass vase and ties her. With the help of a waiter, she places Imlie on top of the Mandap.

Gudiya disguised as Imlie replaces her and starts the wedding rituals with Aryan.

When Imlie awakes, she sees Aryan and Gudiya performing rituals.

Episode Ends!

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